The Purpose of the GuideEdit

The purpose of this guide is to give you the most complete guide on common questions that are asked in /4 or the forum. This guide is far from perfect but it's my hope it will educated people and most importanly, cut down on unnesscasry questions that are asked.

Noob: Yo, I'm level 60 what are the manastones I should be socketing?

Pro: Broski,, k thx.

This is my goal and I hope others feel the same way.  So brah, I'm asking YOU, the pro, to please contriboot and help a playa out, k? THX!

A Rundown of Important StatsEdit

So, first order of business here, which stats are important to the Chanter?  There are a lot of stats in this game and a new player may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of them.  Strike Resist?  Magic Suppression?  Concentration?  What do all of these even do?  The thing to remember is, Chanters are, first and foremost, a physical-based class, so pursuing stuff like Spell Crit is counter-productive. Below is a list of stats that are important to you, this isn't about MANASTONES BUILDS! That section is listed below, these are simply stats you should aim for from either otbainting a certain gear set/weapon with those bonus stats, enchanting AND choosing your manastones.

Attack (Atk) -  This directly influences how much damage we do. As such, you'll also want this as high as possible, within whatever build you're trying to achieve.  It's extremely important to note that there's two kinds of attack: base and extra.  When you hover over your attack stat on your stats window, you'll get a tooltip that'll read something like 320 (150).  This means your total stat, while showing 470, is actually comprised of a base of 320 with extra of 150.  The base damage, which comes purely from your weapon's base attack stat, is what is multiplied into your skills and such.  The extra attack comes from the bonus stats, skill buffs, and manastones and is simply added to whatever the final value of your damage would be.  So if your 320 base makes your skill do 600 damage, the 150 will then get tacked on and bring it up to 750.  As such, small amounts of extra attack are fairly worthless, but large amounts will significantly increase your damage.

Accuracy (Acc) -  When you swing at something, your accuracy is compared directly to the target's Parry, Evasion, and, if applicable, Block.  The higher accuracy you have, the less chance those three defensive stats can trigger, all the way up to them having a 0% chance of working.  As such, getting good accuracy is rather important.

Critical Strike (Crit) -  More crit strike equals more damage.  If you're using a staff, it also means more chances to Stumble your opponent, which in turn makes it more likely you can defeat your opponent while reducing incoming damage.  Each 10 Crit you have equals a 1% chance to land a critical hit up until you have 440 Critical Strike over your opponent's Strike Resistance.  440 is the soft cap.  More helps beyond that with every 10 giving an extra .5% up to 600 Crit.  From there, it's a .2% increase until 649 which, as far as I can tell from research, is the cap itself.  649, by the way, is a 52.68% chance to crit, vs 440's 44% chance.  While going over 440 is largely counter-productive since the gains are rather marginal, because of the existence of Strike Resistance, you will need to in order to keep that 44% chance to hit, even in PvE once you start 51+ content because many mobs will have strike resist on them.  You should only need about 600-800 crit to stay around 440 for most opponents and if you need buffs to reach that, then that's fine. Pushing 900+ crit without mantras or buffs is maybe excessive and a bit of a waste but this subject to your playing style.

Magic Resistance (MR) -  A very, very handy stat to have high amounts of, though it requires significant investment in both having strong armor and accessories as well as devoting much of your manastone slotting to it.  It works similar to Parry: every 10 over the opposing Magical Accuracy gets a 1% chance to resist the attack.  I have no idea what the cap is as a bit of research yields nothing, but it's absurdly high (I estimate roughly 70 or 80%, or 700 to 800 over opposing MA).  Magic Resistance will stop more than just magical attacks, it can also block the controls and debuffs on many skills, including many attacks from physical classes.  In fact, it is far more effective against non-casters than it is casters.  Being able to shrug off binds, roots, silences, attack speed debuffs, and more is huge.  And if you can happen to resist a Glacial Shard here or there, all the better.  The quirk about MR though is not all attacks are purely magical.  For example, our own Hallowed Strike is a physical attack when it comes to landing for damage.  But if it hits, it then makes a MA vs MR check to apply the debuff.  This doesn't work in reverse though.  If Evasion causes the opponent to avoid Hallowed Strike, the debuff won't get a chance to trigger.  The same can apply to pure magic attacks as well (you can get damaged by Chain of Ice but not be slowed by it).  If you fully resist an attack from MR, you will not get hit by any part of the attack.  At endgamel, 1900 - 2000 MR is easly had due to the huge amounts of MR chain gear gives.

Magical Accuracy (MA) -  The main use for MA is for landing debuffs (PoW, BoW, and most of our stuns ignore MR). Most chanters used to ignore MA but ALOT are starting to socket it and have had great success with it. Block/Shield Defense (TURTLE MODE) -  If you're wanting to go all out on a physically defensive set, Block might be the way to go.  It requires a shield and some serious investment, but Block is a good deal more effective than say Parry (LOL?).  Block checks against accuracy identically to Parry, but has a 50% or 500 + opposing Accuracy cap. When you block an attack, you get the same benefits as Parry in preventing crits and all, but you'll stop more incoming damage.  The amount depends on the damage reduction value stated on the shield.  And with a highly enchanted, eternal shield… that can be a very, very large amount of damage shaved off.

PvP Attack and PvP Defense -   These only appear on certain weapons, armor, and accessories and you're going to want those for PvP.  These values are percentages and work as they would suggest.  20% PvP attack will increases your damage vs other players by that much while 20% PvP Defense would decreases decrease incoming damage from players by that much.

Strike Resist -  Negates Critical Strike on a 1:1 ratio.  You get this from enchanting your armor set, pvp accessories and certain wings.

Magic Suppression (MS) -  This skill negates Magic Boost on a 1:1 ratio.  As such, it's very nice to have against any sort of magical damage.  However, it's only available on 56+ armor and accessories, barring our Blessing of Rock/Stone skills, and you'll pick up a pretty decent amount if you use any good gear from that level range anyway.

Spell and Strike Fortitude -  Flat damage reductions against the corresponding critical hit types on a 1:1 ratio (less I'm mistaken).  Again, nice to have, but it's not all that easy to find and is on a lot of gear you'd want anyway (especially wings for some reason).  It does stack nicely with lots of defense though!  3000 defense and 300 Strike Fortitude would be 600 damage shaved off of every critical hit.

Manastone BuildsEdit

What do you slot?  Really, that depends on your goals and playing style. Please note this is for END GAME only!


Crit & Attack - Pick and choose your desired number, it's really up to you.

Magic Resist (hue hue hue MR HERO hue hue hue) - Helps out when your fighting endgame boses and the skills they use.  The only instance where you need a high MR set is currently DLR. Running a full MR set in TS is helpful but not nesccasry until the last boss where you'll be off healing

Full Attack - With proper end game gear, you can go for full attack. Just remember to weave like a madman to get the full effect!

HP/ATK/Crit - For leveling having any of these socketed will benefit you. You'll level very fast so socket whatever is cheapest for you.


Magic Resist (hue hue hue MR HERO hue hue hue) -  Pretty straight forward. You socket most of your gear with MR and play with the awesome (broken?) mechanics of it. Jack of all trades, it's pretty hard to go wrong with this build aside from becoming reliant on it, so don't. Those evil hacking cloth classes will still eat you easly if they stack enough MA and are buffed up. A really nice build if you tend to solo pvp a lot. Crit & Attack - This build relies on having high attack/crit and your ability to weave to maximize the most out of this build. While you should always do the best you can to weave on EVERY build, since atk stones only apply to your auto attack (white damage), you need to make extra certain your weaving to the best of your ability. How much attack you want to have is totally up to you but you need account for players that have +15 armor so make sure your crit is high enough to combat that with foods, scrolls and mantras.

Crit & Magical Accuracy - Currently a very popular build that a lot of the geared pvper's are leaning towards either as thier main or second set. It's very easy with just cruci gear to achive 1600 - 1700 ma with food, mantra and ludicity while maintaining decent crit.

Full ATK - K?

Composite Manastones - There's a fair amount of interesting builds out there currently. This space will be resevered for someone who wants to write more about it or until I find more info on what people are sporting.


Skills are all listed in-game with a descripton, load up the game, throw'em on your skill bar and read.

Stigma BuildsEdit

So, you see all those shiny, shiny stigmas up there and are wondering, just how the heck do I put them together into a good build?  This section is for you.

First and foremost:  Recovery Spell.  I don't care what you want to do, slot this stigma at level 45 and never remove it except to upgrade it.  This stigma is too freaking amazing to not use.

Pure Support: 

Protection Ward, Word of Inspiration, Word of Protection, Magic Recovery, Blessing of Stone, Invincibility Mantra, Healing Burst, Elemental Screen, Hit Mantra, Word of Life
Options (1): Healing Conduit, Enhancement Mantra, Divine Curtain/Curtain of Aether, or Promise of Aether More or less your bread and butter, perfectly pure support build. It goes down the full Elemental Screen route with three picks left up to the discretion of the Chanter.  Pure Support offers good single target healing, boosted survivability, great mana management for yourself and the group between IM, Clement, and Magic Recovery, a decent group heal, some strong buffs, and a great "REDUCE DAMAGE NAO!" skill.  The Chanter's personal damage and disruption output will suffer significantly though.

The last slot is a choice between the less useful skills, but each has their merits.  Healing Conduit is fantastic for alliance and league content and, combined with Word of Wind, is pretty darn good in regular group content too.  Enhancement Mantra gives everyone a 50% chance to not be stunned, but doesn't work against stumbles, stagger, and the like and blocks you from running non-stigma mantras when you have it up (because you're definitely not going to want to switch Hit and Invincibility Mantras off).  DC isn't a very amazing improvement over Spellstopping, but a pure-support Asmodian can get good mileage out of Curtain of Aether II with it's vastly improved protective qualities.  Finally, Promise of Aether might seem like an odd choice, but when you're not buffing or healing, you might as well be attacking.  And considering how mana intensive buffs and heals can be, getting some mana back while attacking is not a bad idea.